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CURRENT EXHIBITION - under development - watch this space! :-)


Tuatara Celebrates MATARIKI in June! Date/time details of this event for 2016 are being finalised as we speak, so will post here very soon. Feel free to get in touch with us by email or phone if you have any suggestions or questions.

Matariki is the celebration of the turning from the winter solstice and shortest days of the year, back toward more light and longer, warmer days.

It is named for the cluster of stars, (also know elsewhere as the Pleides group), that disappears from our sky view in autumn and re-appears in June - signalling the time to be planting the kumara for the coming year.

Traditionally celebrated on either the full moon or new moon following rise of Matariki above the horizon again, with family gatherings for feasts celebrating and giving thanks for the abundance of the last harvest. Also this is a time for remembering and honouring those who have passed on in the year just gone.


"A Retrospective" by Sharon Thompson

Tuatara had a fantastic exhibition in our gallery called "A RETROSPECTIVE", by local multi media artist Sharon Thompson. This exhibition hosts a strong body of work that is both colorful and precise. The clean lines and different materials used to display the prints makes this a "Must See" exhibition. Sharon's work expresses her personal identity as a kiwi, but also reflects what New Zealand is to the people and the landscape.

Nau Mai Haere Mai!!!!​


Rainbow Music Workshop


Led by the founder of the Rainbow Music programs.

SUNDAY 16 MARCH 3:00 – 4:30 PM


RSVP: tracey@tuataradesignstore.com Ph 4300121

What is Rainbow Music?

Rainbow Music is an accelerated, multi-sensory, inquiry based music education programme.

It explores and expresses the natural relationship between light and sound through the colors of the rainbow and musical notes.

Suitable for all ages, you can learn to play one or more instruments and discover the natural patterns in Music, releasing you to play any song you choose or create your own music.

Rainbow Music requires no prior knowledge of music and has No Age Restrictions. See www.rainbowmusic.co.nz for more…

It is designed for all to enjoy!

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