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Song of the Whale The Chronicles of the Stone (Book 2)


In writing The Chronicles of the Stone Barry Brailsford accepted a great challenge.  He decided to carry his archaeological knowledge, historical research and his understanding of the ancient lore, into a novel to share the story of the past with greater freedom. Truth and fiction are exciting partners within these pages, for all is paradox when we walk the rim of the circle. There is no beginning and no end, just the journey.

Song of the Whale, the second book of five in the Chronicles, takes us into the world where the great migration canoes and the whales travelled the long tides together. It encompasses the fascinating world of Easter Island, the mountain trails of Aotearoa, and sub-Antarctic waters, the feeding grounds of the whales.

Barry Brailsford was born on the wild west coast of the South Island of New Zealand beside the Mawhera River and beneath the mountain Tuhua. He has lectured and written widely in archaeology and history and received an MBE for his contribution to education and Maori scholarship.

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